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Establishing harmonious relationship between man and nature

por Alberto Rios (2019-08-06)

600Nobody can deny that nature wallpapers are not a work of art in themselves, and being able to have these at hand for whenever you wish to view them makes your experience on your computer just that little bit more enjoyable.

Not all nature wallpapers have to be on such a big scale however, as seeing a door mouse scurrying to its home with food for the family, or a woodpecker pecking at its favourite tree will have you just as fixated. Nature backgrounds for desktops are usually jam packed full of exciting things in every nook and cranny.

The first example that I will use is that of someone who suffers severe anxiety during a certain situation, such as driving.  In some cases, this anxiety is brought on by the fact that this person had a traumatic experience, either recently or as a child, that has caused this person to feel anxious whenever driving.  Once the person learns to deal with this traumatic experience and then learns the proper skills to manage the anxiety, then he or she is able to drive while experience little to no anxiety at all. 

Having nature backgrounds that are filled with acres and acres of forestry with beautiful hills and valleys between can take your breath away. Streams flowing from mountains and waterfalls gushing down into whirlpools will have you looking at the image and imagining you are there.

You may wonder why I am sharing this with you. Is this really part of Personal Development? I think it is. I believe the world would be a better place if each of us had a respect and reverence for de nature. I feel those who respect God's creations will also respect the grandest of all of God's creations, Mankind. Thank you.

It's almost like every time you see the image you notice something new. You can create your own nature backgrounds using photography you have taken on your travels to remind you of a special time or place you have been at in your life, letting you keep these memories fresh each time you log on to your computer.
Nature wallpapers are known to go hand in hand with wildlife, as the habitat of many animals intrigues us all. We enjoy seeing how birds live in their trees and how a bee will take nectar from a flower. There is something special about seeing nature bare, at its best, through the lens of a camera and put on to your screen. Many nature backgrounds will have captured these moments for us all to admire.

The great thing about having nature wallpapers is that as the seasons change you can change your nature backgrounds to tie in with whatever the weather or time of the year may entail. There is nothing quite like a snow covered woodlands with a small cottage in the far distance with smoke from the log fire pumping through the chimney, or a hot summers day in a meadow or daisy's neighboured by a field of corn, with the farmers tractor set up upon the hill.

Nature wallpapers remind us of this when we see animals and plants shown on our desktops. Having a nature background on your computer screen gives a humble and peaceful effect whilst at the same time giving us a piece of art to marvel at.
Wildlife is undoubtedly one of the best nature backgrounds for desktops to have. The possibilities are endless as to what the image will show. In actual fact even something like Fungi would be a great nature wallpaper to have as they are such unusual plants to come across, and of course you can get the traditional red and white mushroom which has become an iconic part of nature for years and years.

In the ultimate analysis, the problem of Natural degradation reduces itself to the question of re-ordering the relationship that has so far existed among the economic needs of man, the technological progress, and de nature the nature but Nature, it seems is in no mood to stand any further abuses and excesses. And man has now realised that he has to work with it and he will never tolerate the rape of Good Earth any further. IL is, at this point, that his aesthetic instinct will come to his rescue. After all, he is bringing about industrial progress with the aim of making the world a better, more beautiful and more comfortable place to live in. People have now thought that there is no rational alternative to working together to bring about some. Improvement in the Nature so that we and our children can lead a healthy life.

In his mad race for power and prosperity with a feeling of shock and horror man is now aware of the fact that the Nature and its resources are vast but limited. He 1as realised that if the present trends are allowed to go unchecked, the future of life on earth will be endangered. Natures plentifulness is a heritage not to be squandered with impunity. It must be conserved. It is high time man does something before the unimaginable stage is reached when rivers will burn, fish will rot on the shores, trees will be their own ghosts and cities will be chocked with polluted and foul smelling air. Lets all make joint ventures to make the Nature as pure as before and try to maintain the immortal relationship of mother and son between Nature and Man.

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